YCCGA Meeting Minutes July 27, 2016

YCCGA Meeting Minutes July 27, 2016

York County Corn Growers Association

Meeting Minutes July 27, 2016

  1. Bryan Mason Reported a checking account balance of $4825.08.
  2. Tom Ritzdorf gave a commodity market report.
  3. Dennis Scamehorn, as a State Director, gave a market development report. The NeCGA is going to hold a Town Hall meeting in Kearney Aug 3, 8-12 AM. Also attending will be Burlington Northern along with other commodity groups to discuss transportation and any other items that come up.
  4. Rick Gruber went to the Corn Congress in Washington DC. They elected NCGA board members, now no Nebraskan on the board. The board is structured leaner than in the past. They visited with Congressional staff members on renewing the RFS, the atrazine ban proposal by EPA, and other matters. They also visited some urban non-constituent senator/congressmen to build relationships and discuss primarily the RFS standards. The reception was positive, but mixed support of maintaining RFS levels.
  5. Gary Zoubek was presented a plaque for his 26 years of service to the York County Corn Growers and 42 years of Extension Service. A job well done.
  6. Boyd led a discussion about branding York County Corn and how best to promote. Designing a logo along with printing stickers and several other ideas discussed.
  7. Corn License plates will be available starting Aug 8 at the County Treasurer’s office.
  8. The NeCGA Golf open will be held July 29 in York. Kim Shepherd, Boyd Stuhr Jr., Rick & Chris Gruber will represent YCCG.
  9. We will not be having a plot tour this fall, but all growers are welcome to view plots at the Makovicka Farm. Yield results will be available on the York Co. Extension website shortly after harvest.
  10. York County Fair – We plan to set up Thu, Aug 4 at noon, with a schedule to work Aug 4-6 from 530-930 PM.
  11. Yorkfest - Plan to use go-cart & walk along & hand out candy.
  12. Annual Banquet – Originally scheduled for Nov 17, rescheduled for Dec 1, 630 at Chances R. A LEAD presentation along with possible messages from Deb Gangwish, Shelton or Andy Jobman are also possibilities. More details later.
  13. Jenny Rees presented info about a bacterial leaf disease we are seeing across much of the Midwest including Nebraska. Currently no fungicides are active controlling this. She also gave info about Project Sense and their field day July 29.

Respectfully Submitted, Dan Stork

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