YCCGA Meeting Minutes November 15, 2016

YCCGA Meeting Minutes November 15, 2016

York County Corn Growers Association

Meeting Minutes November 15, 2016

  1. Previous minutes from July 27, 2016 were approved.
  2. Tom Ritzdorf gave a commodity report.
  3. Jenny Rees discussed upcoming Extension events and meetings and provided a brief plot review for 2016.
  4. Boyd Stuhr led a discussion of upcoming events. Jason Perdue will represent York County at the NeCGA Washington DC Leadership Mission in February 2017.
  5. Old Business- Boyd Stuhr distributed the new "York County Corn" stickers to the directors present. We ended up getting 1000 stickers at approximately $0.40/sticker. Stickers will be handed out at the Annual Banquet and at future events. They will also be available at local elevators and at the Extension Office.
  6. New Business - York County will have 4 delegates at the NeCGA Annual Meeting on December 1st. Boyd will provide delegate names to the NeCGA office.
  7. Discussion was held regarding the Annual Banquet scheduled for December 1st. Tickets to be sold were distributed to directors present. Ticket cost is again $10. Boyd will take care of placing an ad in the York News Times. We will comp 2 tickets to each seed company in the plot.Dave will contact the 5 FFA Chapters in the area offering up to 5 free tickets to each chapter. Boyd will contact the scholarship winner, Brayden Obermier, and invite him and his parents. Boyd, Rick, Dan and Bryan will select the Outstanding Service Award winner and Boyd will take care of procuring the plaque to be presented at the banquet.
  8. Other Discussion - Some ideas were discussed regarding the plot. A deeper discussion will occur at the next meeting.
  9. NeCGA Resolutions from 2015 were handed out along with a form for new resolutions or changes to existing resolutions which must be sent to the NeCGA office by November 17th. Anyone may submit changes or new resolutions for consideration. No further discussion occurred.
  10. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Boyd Stuhr, Acting Secretary

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